We have so many inspiring stories we would like to share with you from our students who overcame massive individual challenges to thrive in life.

Remi Taylor

I was bullied, self-harming and lost my friend to youth suicide

Remy’s struggle started in grade five when her classmates started to bully her. Things progressively got worse over the years when she turned to self-harming to remove the pain from the outside world. Remy, describes her experience,

“You know, in grade nine, I would have scoffed at someone if they self-harmed. I thought it was the most selfish, unreasonable, illogical thing to do when you’re upset or having problems.

Then the next thing I know, the only person left to scoff at was myself, sitting on the floor in the corner of my room furthest away from the door, a pair of stainless steel nail scissors in my hand.

Two marks on my thigh now symbolise what those particular boys in my maths class put me through. What that girl in year six did to me.”

Tragically, one in 12 young people, mostly girls, engage in self-harming such as cutting, burning or taking life-threatening risks. Even more concerning, it is one of the strongest predictors of who will go on to commit suicide- the biggest killer of your youth.

Donate towards building our new school and Youth Hub to help more Gold Coast young people re-engage in school, reconnect with their family and community. Young people like, Remy.

Things got worse in year 10 when she lost one of her few friends. A person of support and understanding. A beautiful sole. A daughter. A grandchild, A sister. Remy’s friend.

“My friend was anorexic. Ribs. Hollow cheekbones. Discoloured skin. Ankles and wrists no wider than twigs from a dead tree. Why? Well, she was different, like me. She was unique, and didn’t meet up to society’s standards and expectations.

So, she used stories to express her feelings and thoughts, seeming as though her parents kicked her out of home and no one wanted to listen.

She was living out of the country at the time and, after a few months of reading her stories online, the updates suddenly stopped. 

The chapters all but ceased.

I started to worry, wondering about her. The anonymous reader told us in a message that my friend wasn’t coming back.

She decided that giving up was the easiest option, and rid planet Earth of her existence. I cried night after night”

Sadly, these events happen far too often to your children and that is why Arcadia College exists – to save young lives. To re-engage them back into schooling, reconnect with their loved ones and in your community.

That is why we are building ‘Arcadia College complete with Youth Hub’ at Robina. Costing approximately $10million, it will bring together a suite of the best youth focused services in a state-of-the-art, purpose built facility in the centre of the Gold Coast.

Remy’s Mum was very fortunate when she enrolled her into Arcadia College in grade 11. With a deep breath and with the utmost appreciation she says,

“Arcadia College saved my daughter’s life.”

Tragically, it isn’t always the case and we need to do more.

With your help, we can meet the community need to increase our enrolment from 190 to educate 300 students annually.

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With construction of Arcadia College commencing in early 2018, we urgently need your help.

We believe, everyone is different and has different needs: they just need someone to believe in them. Special people like Remy, who describes her experience at Arcadia College,

“With its’ unique and inclusive environment, teachers who truly care and empathise and the constant encouragement to embrace your identity and differences, it is a place of both education and empowerment.”

Together we can create a safe, inclusive and healthy Gold Coast Community.

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A big thank you to Remy for sharing her story.

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